Located in Montreal, Manoukian Jewellery serves a very diverse clientele in search of high-quality, even unique, jewellery.

The founder of Manoukian Jewellery has worked in the field of jewelry since 1997. So, after more than 10 years of experience, he decided to move from dream to reality: founding a company where the quality of design and manufacturing are cornerstones to meet the most critical requirements. This is how in 2009, Bijouterie Manoukian was born.


Manoukian Jewellery is booming and its reputation is well established in the world of Montreal jewellery.

Thus, we carry out the design and manufacture of jewelry according to the highest quality standards and without any intermediary. In addition, although the desired jewel often comes from an idea with only imagination limited, it is also possible for us to give a second life to an existing jewel that you wish to modify. In addition, we also repair vox jewelry to restore their appearance from the first day.


Let us know your dreams, we will be happy to make them come true!


Trust the expertise of Manoukian Jewellery to make the jewel of your dreams. Let your dreams come true. Our passion is to make your dream come true. Let us know your ideas and we will be able to bring them to life according to your specifications, in our offices. The desired jewelry can be made in gold or platinum. It can also integrate pearls, precious and semi-precious stones as well as diamonds. The design of jewelry is for us a real art that allows us to offer you a unique product, just like you. Since its inception, Manoukian Jewellery has relied on the quality of its products to meet the highest standards.

Visualize your jewel even before it's manufactured

While it is possible to bring your idea to life by sketching a sketch, we also use state-of-the-art design and manufacturing methods. Indeed, we draw the desired jewel in 3D via innovative computer software. You will thus be able to realistically visualize the final result before we even proceed to its manufacture.

Your dream is more accessible than you think

In addition, in order to meet the highest quality standards, we do not use any intermediary. Thus, from the first discussion giving rise to the draft of a sketch, until the moment when your jewel is given to you, everything is done on site, in our offices. This also allows us to make your dream accessible by offering you an excellent quality / price ratio.

When you take possession of your jewelry, you also receive a certificate issued by an independent gemologist.

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